Online Campus for Bodywork Techniques:


SOHTech is being developed as an online campus for bodywork techniques.  


  • The bodywork techniques included in SOHTech are those that consist of active participants attending in a group in front of one or more facilitators.  This includes such techniques as relaxation, yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Tai Ch'i, Nia and others.  This does not include hands on, one-on-one bodywork techniques like Reiki, osteopathy and others, which involve a skilled practitioner working on an essentially passive participant.  
  • SOHTech does not intend becoming a training center for people wishing to become facilitators in any of the techniques represented on the site.  This is already catered for by such places as Wellpark College in Auckland and Anahata Retreat in Nelson. 
  • SOHTech aims to act as a public portal through which private training providers can make their classes and courses more available and accessible to the general public.


The ten year plan

1. Add and administer listings.  Initially, training providers will benefit from being able to list their class or classes and then give participants a link to enrol.  Participants will need to register on the site before they enrol, but this ensures that they provide a valid email address so they can be reliably contacted.  Once participants are enroled in a class, they can be easily managed and contacted en masse if need be.

2. Promote to the public.  Once a sufficient number of training providers are listed on the site then it becomes worthwhile to promote it as a useful place for the general public to visit and look for classes.  A this point the site will be promoted through various media so that it becomes a primary source of information and listings for the public.

3. Become a charitable trust.  We are looking for interested parties to help form SOHTech into a charitable trust along the same lines as a tertiary educational institution.

4. Apply for research funding.  Once there is sufficient activity and interest in SOHTech, the plan is to apply for funding to do meaningful research on some of the techniques hosted on the site and thereby build justification for using some of them as valid solutions in health and education.

5. Promote to doctors and government departmens.  Once research begins to show positive outcomes for some bodywork techniques, then the time will be right to approach GPs and offer bodywork classes as viable solutions for some ailments. 

6. Apply for government funding and subsidies.  When the time is right, SOHTech will apply to have public funding for courses held within its listings.