Online Campus for Bodywork Techniques:

How to list on SOHTech

After you register on the site as a training provider you will be able to create a number of items, including:

  1. Your profile.  This consists of your business name and address to show on your listing pages.  For a basic listing you will need to fill out these fields.  If you wish to have a more comprehensive presence on SOHTech there are two levels of more substantial profile also available.  The upgraded profile enables more text than the basic profile, in order to better explain your operation, while the enhanced profile is designed for people who want something like a full website page on SOHTech.
  2. User Settings: There are a number of user settings, such as whether or not you want to receive email alerts for private messages.  Also you can allow registered users to contact you via your user profile.  This is on by default and you can turn this feature off if you wish.
  3. Locations.  The venues for activities are created separately from the listing themselves, because often these are shared.  You should check the locations to ensure that your location is in place before creating a listing.
  4. Class and course listings.  Classes are generally regular activities which people can attend on a casual basis while courses are one-off events with a specific start date.  Both types are available in 3, 6 and 12 month time slots, after which they auto-unpublish.  Both types are available in basic, featured and premium levels, each which offer different levels of exposure.  Further to this, online management of course participants is available in all levels as an extra feature.
  5. Taking Enrolments.  Some of the listing options also allow you to take enrolments online.  This simply involves them signing up to your course and entering into communication with you.  You can close and reopen enrolment and set a number limit.

Free Promotion

Enhanced profiles and listings will eventually have a fee attached, but for a promotional period all are available free of charge.  During this promotional period, nominal prices are shown but when you create a listing or a profile, there is a Free Promotion payment gateway which enables you to purchase at no cost.  When the promotion is over, this gateway will be removed and payment by DPS, PayPal or other forms will be made available.

If you have any problems with the function of this site, then post about it in the forum.  While the site has been thoroughly tested there will still be problems that will arise, especially in the area of usability, so please keep us informed.


Kent Parker