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Unlocking the Secrets of Human Functionality

There is lots yet to discover about human functionality. Since the scientific revolution we have only made tiny inroads into understanding about how humans function and what makes one person healthy and functional while other people are unhealthy and dysfunctional. We do know a lot but there is a lot more understanding to be done

SOHTech has been set up to provide a focus for greater understanding of how humans function and how to better prevent or treat human dysfunction. While a holistic perspective of science is ideally suited to understanding of human functionality, it also serves a great purpose in all areas of scientific endeavour, because improved understanding of human functionality will result in improved treatment of the natural environment we live in on planet Earth.

A good understanding of human functionality requires experience and full immersion in life's ups and downs. It cannot be learned from a book. The holistic perspective itself does not suit everyone. Some people like to compartmentalize and like to have absolute answers. For them, holistic science would be a frustrating business. Human functionality is a fluid situation. You are only as good as your last performance, whether you play professional sport, rock 'n roll guitar, politics, or the stock exchange. The best perspective for understanding why one person is better than another at something, is the holistic one, taking into account as many variables as possible. Those variables include pregnancy environment, family dynamics, upbringing, genetic inheritance, role models, socio-economic situation, schooling, major illnesses, personal accidents, local disasters, wars or social upheavals and every conceivable event that a person might experience from the time of conception until the present day.

There are a potential infinite number of influences that go into shaping the functionality of an adult human being. Any attempt to raise just one influence above the others, such as is commonly done with genetics, is done at serious risk of error and misunderstanding. In understanding the behaviour of yourself and others, it is important to constantly juggle the possibility of multiple influences lying in the background, and to take multiple different paths towards remediation.

Current perspectives on human functionality tend to take too dogmatic an approach being based on science that tends to be absolutist and reductionist. There is a need to go outside of that and to adopt by assumption, the holistic approach, and to then tackle the issue of human functionality from there. At SOHTech we endeavour to do just that, and to work towards working the ideas and technologies that stem from that into the mainstream.