Online Campus for Bodywork Techniques:

SOHTech & The Fifth International Yoga Festival

2016 Yoga Festival SOHTech stall

SOHTech hosted a (very orange) stall at the Yoga Festival on the weekend of the 20th and 21st of February at the Kawai Purapura retreat in Albany, Auckland.  This is the first ever SOHTech stall, and much was learnt from the experience.  As a result of feedback from people we met and our own considerations the following are the most relevant matters for SOHTech at this stage:


  1. It is premature to use the suffix.  That should only happen after some extent of NZQA or similar qualification has been achieved.  This we concluded from our own observations.
  2. The About section should be stripped down and simplified and focus put on the listings and the campus section of the website since this is where the initial interest should come.
  3. Course providers can be attracted to using SOHTech at this initial stage by the prospect of being able to give their participants a place where they can enrol in the class, and where the provider can see all those who are enrolled and can communicate with them easily.
  4. Implementation of SOHTech should be divided into a number of steps, so that milestones are established in the order of which they are achievable.  Clearly, course providers need to list their course on the site before it is worthwhile promoting the site to the public.  Item 3 above illustrates one very clear benefit that course providers gain by listing their course now.